Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mother Daughters and Some Friends Weekend

A celebrity sister's proper welcome, could we have it any other way. Signs, cheering, chanting-yeah!! Let the Lammers sisters, mother and a few friends weekend begin!

We had Cupcake Wars and team Emily (friend), Amy(sister) and Kari(sister) decided to throw in some aprons to boot! You can't quite see it but on the front is monogrammed "BHM" AKA "Blond Hoochie, eh hem excuse me,Hula Mamas."

This is my cupcake wars team Sandy(friend from Iowa), me and Hannan (sister-in-law).

Amy(sister), Emily(friend), Kari(sister), Sandy(friend), Sherie (mom), Lindsey(sister),
Katie(practically a sister but friend), Kris(sister), Ana(sister), Hannah(sister-in-law) and me! Don't you love how I plop my but down while everyone else is kneeling or standing. Being 8 months prego has some benefits.

Ooooh a case of the crazies got a hold on us!!!

Cupcake wars team Katie, Lindsey and Kris.

My super--- awesome ---fab Cup Cake Wars team mates Sandy and Hannah!!

Cupcake wars rule!!

Ana lookin like she's about to sabotage some cupcakes, oh yeah her team (her and mom of all people) did sabotage some, they put fish oil pills in Kari's cupcakes!! DQ, DQ!!

Carl Bloch art exhibit. These paintings are amazing. This is one of my favorite things we did was go and see these master pieces. They look like photographs I love his work.

I think this one is my favorite.

We went to the BYU vs UNLV game and Cosmo is getting fresh with my mom!!

Couldn't go to the game with out gettin a pic of this legend- go Jimmer!!

My sister Ana with her little boy Ace. Doesn't he look like Noah.

Back to cupcake wars: this team won Best Taste.

This team won the Dead Fish award.

My team won Best Presentation. Hannah made this amazing temple cupcake. It's abviously the one in the middle. We also had an engagement cupcake (pink) and the Honeymoon of course. You can't really see it in this picture but on the Honeymoon cupcake there are beach chairs and hanging on the chairs we put the swimsuits.

This team won Most Creative.

My mom, Hannah and my sister Kris were stuffed in the back of Jon's car, I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Cruise 2011 part 2

Gavin getting in on the ice cream action.

Hot tubbing till sunset.

Autumn's favorite cruise activity: the hot tub

Noah love the magic and comedy shows. He laughed and laughed. I was entertained by Noah laughing.

Emerald Beach, St. Thomas.

I love this little girl. We have so much fun together. I can't wait for her sister to get here and she can join in the fun.

Notice the lizard on Gavin's arm, a nice addition to our family.

Waiting for the show, I'm surprised Autumn made it she usually fell asleep at the dinner table and then I'd take her back to the cabin.
Coming into port at St. Thomas.

On the way home the pilot let Autumn, Noah and Gavin sit in the cock pit. That was really nice considering it was Gavin's Birthday. Happy Birthday Buddy, I love you so much. I can't believe your 9!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cruise 2011

Caribbean here we come! What better way to start the year than to go on a cruise. We sailed on the Carnival Dream there was 4,500 cruisers and 12oo of them were aged 12 and younger! They catered to families with 4 water slides, mini-golf and all the ice cream you can eat.

This was our first stop- Nassau Bahamas. We are all so pasty!

Noah loved these animal towels and the ice cream one day he had four bowls before lunch, he was in kid heaven.

This is Autumn's peace sign before Gavin taught her how to properly throw it up.

How high can you go? How high can you go? Apparently not high enough. This sand was so soft and fun to play in they all took their turn being buried.

Snorkeling didn't disappoint Gavin and Dave brought back their prizes to show. Now Gavin's Conch sits proudly up in the kid's bathroom.

Is that ice cream in your hands again Noah? Oh yes, what else could it be.

They would have stuck their tongue on it if they could get any closer.
It was awesome, to say the least. Look for more to come

Christmas 2010

Christmas at home with just our family was awesome. This was the first year we didn't travel and we stayed home sweet home. For Christmas Eve Dinner we went to PF Changs-so good. We headed home for Italian sodas and opening presents for names we had picked.

Dave, your supposed to change after I take a picture, not before!
I love Christmas.

Autumn insisted on being the angel instead of Mary.
God job Mary on the cute boots. You can see how thrilled Gavin is about the acting out the Nativity. Noah on the other hand is in his glory dressing up and pretending. Autumn was just happy to be the angel.

Gavin chillin and playing his new Harry Potter DS game.

Love this kid, nerf something striker gun and no that is not a bullet proof jacket, that is his life jacket that he wore for like 2 hours Christmas morning. Brothers -no matter what- are always a good targets for the other brother.

Even though she got a lot of cool stuff this is what Autumn wanted to play with Christmas morning. She loves this kitty.

Merry Christmas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's been a while...

I had to add this picture. Check out our "Baby Wolverine" On our way to trunk or this is the conversation Noah and Gavin had:

Noah is sitting happily with his diaper and sucking on his ring pop.
Gavin hardly standing the sight, "Noah, are you sure you want to wear that diaper?"
Noah laughing, "Yeah, it's so awesome!"
Gavin, "Just so you know -some people might thinks it's uh.. kind of weird."
Noah, "Oh good!"
We arrive at the trunk-R-treat and Gavin takes off as fast as he can to avoid and undue embarrassment.

I love Noah, never afraid to be himself.

His our baby girl dressed up like the cat's meow and off to her preschool Halloween party.

We had a lot of fun with Halloween this year, my sister Kari helped us out with the "Screamo" out fits - tattoos, nose rings and studded collars to finish it off. To join us we have Harry Potter, Wolverine and Littlest Pet Shop Kitty.

I think Dave was more convincing than I was- don't you love the black fingernail polish and eyeliner.

No that's not a watermelon, it's an apple. For service we picked apples for the church at the Church's orchard- the apples were so good!!

Our awesome friend Dana took our pictures again this fall. She did a great job considering my kids wanted to play in the river and not take pictures. Every time I turned around I was telling Noah to, "put that stick down." With her expertise we managed a couple of good pics- thank you Dana!!

They are growing up so fast. Gavin was baptized this year and Noah will be in less than a year.... Autumn will start Kindergarten next fall and we will be welcoming Peterson child number four then end of March. Love to all- Kam